- How to make Wefts in H/Hair or Fiber
- Contents of Class-Wefting

- How to make Wigs in H/Hair or Fiber
- Contents of Cass-Wig-making

- How to make h/Hair Curly or Wavy
- How to bleach & dye H/Hair
- Contents of Class-H/Hair Dyeing

- How to make Lace Front Pieces for ladies
- How to make Top Piece for ladies
- How to make Men's Hairpieces

- Contents of Class-Toupee-making

- Contents of Class-Base

- How to have hairs implanted or knotted on bases by hand
- Contents of Class-HandTie

Price of the manual:us$300.00

- How to do Permanent Bonding
System for wearing Man's Hairpiece

At US$350.00, we supply the operation
method how to do Eyelash Extension
and how to make money ( business way).

- How to do each of H/Hair Extension Systems

Price of the manual:us$350.00 ea


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