We are always making efforts to develop and upgrade machines, chemicals, other materials, and manufacturing techniques and skills for BETTER and BEST, providing the followings;
We have developed New Skin-21 we call "Durable Skin" which does not needs hair attaching glue and PU coating just like net base, but very natural hair style just like real hair coming from human scalp.

(1) We provide Hands-On-Training courses for manufacturing Wefts, Wigs, Toupees, Hair Extensions, etc.
Some of them can be provided online.

(2) Technical Solutions (Manufacturing Know-How):
For your production of general hair goods. We can make or develop devices, machines, chemicals (glues, hair conditioners), tools, accessories you need in producing, developing, up-grading (the manufacturing technology or methods for ) your regular products, or your new ideas of products, inventions.

(3) We supply Equipments, Materials, Supplies - Machines, Chemicals (PU skin-making Glue, Weft-making Glue, Tapeiin Hair-making Glue, Permanent Hair Coating Agents for silkiness, softness, tangle-free effetcs), Netting Materials (Fine Mono net, Swiss Laces. HD French Laces, Plastics, Metals, etc

Knotting methods are a function of mainly (1) hole sizes of nets, and (2) hair style, additionally (3) hair thickness each hair strand,
(4) hair density (amount) required, (5) properties/the characteristics (hardness, stiffness, flexibity) of hairs to be knotted(tied).
 Plastic is used for retail bottlesand it is porous. 

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